G8 EDUCATION SINGAPORE (Cherie Hearts, Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse & Bright Juniors)

“We have no regrets! VISIBILITI has been taking care of all our brands- namely Cherie Hearts, Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse and Bright Juniors- since 2015, and this marks our 3rd year of working together. Since they took over our digital marketing campaigns, they have provided us with valuable insights on budget placement and strategy, which led to reduced advertising expenditure and increased enquiries. For Cherie Hearts in particular, they reduced the cost per lead in SEM by almost 20% and increased our SEO enquiries significantly. Working with them helps us make well-informed decisions, as they provide us with accurate measurement and tracking for all campaigns. We are very happy and would recommend that you give them a try as well! Thank you VISIBILITI- we look forward to achieve greater marketing results this year!

Yvonne Kong, Senior Marketing Manager – G8 Education

G8 Education is the largest ASX listed childcare provider in Australia. Since 2011, they have expanded to Singapore and  acquired Cherie Hearts Singapore, Our Junior’s Schoolhouse as well as Bright Juniors.

Previously, their SEM & SEM campaigns have 3 main issues:

1. SEO Results was not measurable in terms of sales

2. Conversion tracking was not setup properly for SEM

3. Leads generated were not consistent

We had to start from scratch and re-setuop everything again.

1. SEM campaign was re-setup with newly proposed keywords

2. Multiple Ad-copies and keywords were setup for A/B Testing

3. Propose new keywords for SEO and create additional content on website to rank

4. Setup Conversion track for both SEO & SEM for further fine tuning

The Results

The Results generated over the years was fantastic. Budgets was reduced, cost per lead reduced which lead to an increase in leads without spending more. Below are a summary of our results:

1. Reduced advertising budget by more than $14,0o0 while increasing leads

2. SEO on tracked and generating more leads than SEM advertising

3.  Finalise a set of highly targeted keywords in SEM