Every business relies on visibility on search engines to attract more clients and build a brand. This requires a strategic and consistent marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital internet marketing strategy that is vital for all businesses with an online presence. SEO helps to determine a website’s ranking on search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Ranking on the first pages on popular search engines is critical. How often do you get to Google’s third page when searching? Did you know that up to 92% of google clicks are on the first page? Only 0.78% of searcher view and click links on Google’s second page.

For your site to feature amongst the first on google and other commonly used search engines, you need to do more than build links. You need to have an SEO strategy that is in sync with your digital marketing efforts.

You can’t afford to make errors in SEO. The foundation is critical since every step you take has an impact on your business. Remember, your competitors are working just as hard to rank higher than you, and possibly retain the upper hand.

What is local SEO?

Approximately 87% of Singaporeans use the internet. This figure is likely to rise to 97% by 2023. More than 50% of searches have a local intent, and about 88% of mobile device searches result in an office call or visit. 

Every business should endeavor to include local SEO in the digital marketing space. When local SEO is done effectively, you will increase awareness of your products and services to local customers. 97% of internet users find out about companies in their locality online. Today, most walk-in clients purposely walk into a business premise after an online search of the products and services offered. 

Google continually makes changes to its Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Local search engine intent questions are increasingly influencing these changes. This is one of the fundamentally why every business should include local SEO.

How Does SEO Benefit Your Business?

Create a Brand and become a household name

Business is tough, especially when you are getting stiff competition from other companies selling the same products and services. How then do you ensure your company is the first that comes to mind when a customer needs your services? 

An online presence is vital for every business, including those that only provide services to the locals. An excellent SEO strategy will rank your site higher than your competitors. This increases the likely hood of more traffic to your website and a rise in sales.  As long as you maintain a high ranking in search engines, your target market will seek you out.

SEO Improves User Experience

Before SEO became an integral part of digital marketing, companies came up with marketing campaigns in the hope that it would appeal to their target audience. Search engines have made marketing easier for companies since it is now easier to identify what potential clients need and how to appeal to them. 

Some of the aspects that SEO addresses include relevant information, mobile-friendly website configuration, easy to navigate web pages, and ideal photos and videos to support the text.

Expand Your Reach

Increased product awareness has mainly been responsible for business expansion, especially for companies that have since become global. Once you realize you have an international outreach, it is easy to determine whether it is a great idea to expand your business. When your company already has clients in another location, opening a branch in alternative locations is easier.

Cost-effective Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing can be expensive, especially when you employ costly marketing campaigns. SEO is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing styles. You can also quantify the level of success since you can see your ranking improve, and the impact this has on the traffic to your website.

The Cost of SEO in Singapore

Cost and return on investment are critical for every business. Some businesses have trouble investing in SEO because they worry about costs. Although the cost of SEO is vital, it shouldn’t be the only thing to guide you when choosing who to handle your company’s SEO. 

Before seeking assistance with SEO, you need to understand that this is a long-term commitment. Unfortunately, many companies relax once they get to the first page on a search engine. This period of inactiveness is likely to cause your company to lose your slot on the first page, especially if your competitors are working hard to rank higher, while you take a break. 

The cost of SEO is highly dependent on the expertise of an SEO agency. As a business person, time is of the essence. Some SEO experts charge a higher price but can deliver the results quickly, while others may charge a lower price and take longer to get your website the ideal rank on the first page on the search engine. Attaching a cost to time will help you determine the opportunity cost of a lower rate.

A Guide to the Cost of SEO in Singapore?

Several factors influence the cost of SEO in Singapore. Before committing to a particular package, you must understand what you will be paying for and how to assess the results. Some of the factors that influence the cost of SEO include;

The Marketing Techniques Used

Although SEO has the same target, to get a business to improve its ranking on search engines, the techniques used vary. For example, the use of blog content, visual content, webinars, content distribution, Vlogs, and so much more. Some of these techniques demand more time and commitment.


An SEO agency that doesn’t have an extensive portfolio may charge a lower rate than a company with the experience and SEO expertise. It is, however, essential to consider the possibility that the most expensive SEO company may not be the most effective.

How Fast do You Want to See the Results?

SEO is not a marketing strategy that has immediate results. It can take up to five months before you start seeing progress on your company’s ranking on Google. However, some SEO agencies are willing to spend more time on the optimization, but at a price. This way, you get to see the results much faster.

Cost Benefit Analysis

When coming up with a marketing strategy, businesses look at the cost-benefit analysis to determine if the venture is worth it or not. So, how do you equate the benefit of SEO against cost? Some of the SEO services include off-page link building, on-page optimization, social media optimization, page title optimization, and so much more. 

Most companies provide a disclaimer regarding the time it takes to improve your site’s ranking, including the time it will take to see results, and that positive results are not guaranteed. This can be quite frustrating to businesses because the benefits help to determine if the cost is worth it. 

 It is, however, essential to note that companies don’t offer a guarantee because rankings are not guaranteed. Even search engines, like Google, have a non-guarantee disclaimer on rankings. Remember SEO has become quite competitive, and only those who are consistent in this fight to get to the top make it. So, the question is, how much is your time worth, and are you patient enough to work at getting your site to improve in rank?

According to the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of SEO agencies in Singapore, it takes 3-6 months to get 20-30% of your keywords to the 1st page of Google search results. In some cases, if the KPI remains unmet after the stipulated period, the company may continue to work at it at no extra cost.

How to Measure the Success of SEO

Measuring the success of SEO is a little complex. If the agency delivers success within a month, would you consider this more successful, than say, if it takes three months? The automatic response is likely yes, but the feedback should include how the result was achieved. 

If the agency uses black hat SEO, you will get fast results, but the method used is dubious. This is like taking medication that is effective, yet harmful. Agencies that use black hat techniques link your site to questionable websites for quick rankings. 

This may work for a little while, but when Google carries out a manual review, the manipulation will be identified. Your website will be blacklisted, and this will leave you in limbo for a long time. You may appeal, but you don’t know when Google will reinstate your website, if at all. Besides losing money and time, you will also likely lose your site. 

Google and other search engines occasionally change their algorithms. SEO agencies need to be on their toes to keep up with any changes. This is one of the reasons why having a time limit to SEO is counterproductive. The agency may be working based on the current algorithm, but if Google makes changes a few weeks later, the SEO agency needs to make adjustments.

How Do You Know You Got a Real Deal?

How can you tell if the results you get from SEO within a month or three months is real? Does little progress in 6 months mean the SEO agency has failed? Not really. If it takes longer to get your site among the top in Google doesn’t imply that the company is a fraud. 

It is best to look at the periodic progress made over time. If it is evident that reasonable progress has been made, irrespective of the time it takes, it is best to give the SEO experts the benefit of the doubt. 

You can use three steps to determine if the SEO techniques used are having an impact on your ranking. These steps will help you to analyze if the benefit is worth the cost.  

  • Technical SEO – Your SEO consultant should work with your website developer. You can look at how fast your site loads, how mobile-friendly it is, and how quickly search engine spiders index your content. 
  • On-page SEO – You can use SEO analyzer how well your keywords are doing. Ensure that your main keywords have an exclusive page optimized for it.
  • Off-page SEO – This test helps you to check your site’s strength quantitatively. Moz Link Explorer is a free tool you can use to determine your website’s page and domain authority. If possible, you can also manually check the backlinks generated by the SEO agency. 

White Hat Vs Black Hat

For you to conceptualize the difference between white hat and black hat SEO techniques, you need to look at the quality of links.

Agencies that use Black hat SEO use low-quality links, which include forums, spammy directories, mediocre quality private blogs, and Fiverr sellers. Black hat techniques also involve stuffing keywords and links with irrelevant content. 

White hat to Grey Hat SEO, on the other hand, includes editorial backlinks, resource page links, and guest posting (high authority blogs), well-labeled images, and unique, relevant page titles. 

The relevance of the linking website also matters. Is the anchor text relevant to the site to which it is linked? Is the link significant to your niche? How many links per domain are you using? All these are critical to SEO.

SEO in Singapore

Most of the SEO strategies used internationally originate from the United States. The US has a large market, thanks to its incredible population of more than 350 million. The stiff competition between the industry players also made it easy for SEO specialists to differentiate White hat from Black hat SEO techniques. 

Singapore, like other nations, uses the same techniques. Unfortunately, the lines are a little blurred, between white and grey hat techniques. The challenge Singapore faces when it comes to SEO is the limited niche-specific authoritative websites. This makes backlink building challenging. 

Additionally, it is unusual to share content from competitors. For example, you are unlikely to find a software company using a link from another business that sells software. 

When seeking the services of an SEO agency, it is vital that you find out the techniques they use and how they handle algorithm updates.

The Different Companies Offering SEO in Singapore

SEO Agencies

SEO agencies have standard SEO packages which they offer companies seeking their services. Each package shows the activities the company will carry out to help improve the site’s ranking. Some of the activities featured in the various packages include directories submissions, social media content management, and blog commenting. 

Since SEO is the core business, an agency has perfected its skill and has become highly efficient. You are likely to get faster results at a much lower price from such a company.

Individual Consultants

Individual SEO consultants come handy when you need a customized service, especially if your need is specific. For example, if you need to improve your site, or carry out a site migration, you can seek the services of a consultant to ensure you don’t lose your current rankings. You can also ask a consultant what you can do if your website has been penalized because of black hat SEO. 

You, however, need to be cautious when choosing an individual SEO consultant. You should confirm that the individual is indeed an SEO expert. Google is the dominant search engine, and he or she needs to spot the changes Google has made to the algorithms quickly. Additionally, you should ensure the individual expert uses white hat SEO techniques.

If possible, read testimonials from past clients. You also ought to ask for details of the current clients so that you can get first-hand information on the success rates of the projects he or she worked on.

Companies that Combine SEO with Website Services

Some companies offer a range of services, including website design, internet advertising, and SEO. Such a company will help to ensure your website is appealing, both in appearance and content. The major SEO service offered is on-page optimization. It is important to ensure optimization is not sacrificed for an attractive website. Find out how effective the company’s SEO is before asking them to manage everything to do with your website.

Can SMEs do Without SEO?

Most SMEs have a limited budget and struggle to determine the costs to prioritize on. Are there situations where it is unrealistic to do SEO? Return on Investment (ROI) is critical for all businesses, but this is more critical for most SMEs. 

Considering it takes several months for any real improvement in ranking, SEO may not make sense for a business whose primary focus is ROI. The situation is made even more complicated since Google significantly changed the algorithm to focus more on more prominent brands in search results. How then do small companies compete with the giants in the industry?

In cases like this, SEO may not be the best route for an SME to take. There are several digital marketing techniques to use until such a time when the company can afford to compete favorably with larger business entities. For example, an SME can initially opt for Lead Generation, PPC campaign, creation of sharable content, and email marketing. 

Although SEO is not a priority for a small business focused on ROI, it is a critical aspect of marketing that no company should ignore. SMEs need to have a timeline within which they need to start focusing on SEO. As the company grows, you can start with local SEO to begin competing with local companies providing similar services.

Appendix: Vital Components of SEO

When seeking the services of an SEO expert, you need to have an idea of what you should expect. The following list is just a guide of some of the services you should request for.

Content Writing

Content is critical for search engine like Google. The written text allows Google to analyze and make sense of your website before ranking it. Google bots are designed to crawl texts and not pictures or graphics. 
When carrying out a google search, you’ll notice that the first websites you come across have longer content. It is, however, critical to note that the length of material is highly dependent on the niche. The average content length for the first five websites ranked is 2000 words. 
The length of the content is not enough to get your site among the top in a google search. It also needs to be relevant to users and must contain the keywords that users use when searching for specific information. This is why it has become impossible to separate content marketing and SEO since they complement each other.

Onpage/Offpage SEO

Onpage SEO focuses on the relevance of your website in terms of the chosen keywords. If your site has been running for some time, an SEO specialist will make the relevant changes to ensure the content is in line with the SEO strategy.
Offpage SEO initiatives, on the other hand, involve getting other web entities to mention your website. This is more like an endorsement. The sites that endorse yours need to be authorities that are respected by web users.

Keywords Research

SEO strategists and experts need to understand your business model when coming up with keywords. Your involvement in this phase is critical. Since you know the business best, you may help to uncover some of the keywords that your competitors are yet to use. 

Most SEO experts use Pay Per Click on Google to find the best keywords to target. This way, when they embark on months of SEO, they will use the most profitable keywords.

SEO Training

SEO training is critical for every business establishment. The training doesn’t need to be comprehensive, but you need to have an idea of what SEO entails. Having in-house SEO experts will, in the long run, save the company money, considering SEO is a long-term investment.

Website Redesign

Whether your website is a few months or a few years old, as long as it was done before you considered SEO, you may need to revamp it. The site’s URL structure and architecture may not be compatible with your SEO strategy. 

Additionally, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. In 2015, Google included mobile-optimization as a vital ranking signal. This is because of the significant increase in the number of people using mobile devices to carry out Google searches.

If your website is not user-friendly, it is likely going to be ignored by search engines. For example, if a person visiting your website has to click several links before getting to the information they need, Google has no business ranking your site among the top 10 since users are likely to be frustrated whenever they visit your website.

Why You Should Choose Us for SEO

Customized Service

Every business is unique. We will analyze your company’s goals, target audience, industry, and SEO needs before coming up with an effective digital marketing strategy.


SEO is a complicated concept for many businesses, primarily because it is an invisible marketing concept, with visible results. It is unlike other marketing techniques, but quite effective. We understand how frustrating this can be. We will keep you updated on what we are doing, why we are doing it, and the progress of the campaign.

Target Your Audience

Your target audience is critical in SEO. Before identifying an SEO strategy, we will learn everything about your target market and industry. For example, if you are running a software company, we will analyze the software needs of your target market, and come up with an SEO campaign that systematically improves your ranking and organic traffic.

Follow Search Engine Algorithm Changes

Search engines frequently change their algorithm. We monitor these changes closely and make the necessary changes to ensure your site adapts to the changes. This way, you’ll maintain your rank, despite the altered algorithm.

Our SEO Services

  • Competitor research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Website analysis
  • Indexing
  • Content strategy
  • Keyword analysis
  • Title tag optimization
  • HTML Sitemap creation
  • Link building
  • Broken link fixing
  • Social media engagement
  • SEO friendly URL
  • Monthly performance and tracking
  • User experience strategy
  • Google Tools set up

Local SEO Bundle to Boost Your Ranking

  • Local citations
  • Rank on Google maps
  • Improve your Google listing
  • Monthly Reporting

SEO Driven Quality Articles

  • Keyword Research
  • On-page optimization
  • On-demand
  • Comprehensive and data-driven articles
  • Unlimited Revision
  • On-demand
  • A concise guide to distribution

Standard SEO Bundle

This is an excellent package for small businesses. It provides your business with the right SEO foundation for your digital marketing space. This package includes;

  • Keyword research
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion optimization
  • Link Building

Frequently Asked Questions on SEO

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important?

The internet has become the source of information for millions of people. Customers use search engines to find companies that provide a service they need. SEO helps companies to become visible to people in need of their services. Without SEO, your website will only get visits from people who know it, and that will significantly limit your potential.

It is estimated that 65% of people who use Google to find out about a product or service click on the first five links. People trust search engines, and SEO gives your company credibility. When your site is among the top five on Google’s first page, you have a great chance of converting a curious visitor into a paying client.

SEO also helps you to determine what your target audience is looking for, and how to meet this need. Organizing your marketing campaign based on what your potential clients need will subsequently lead to increased organic traffic, engagement and conversion.

Who should do Search Engine Optimization?

If you have a website, you should do search engine optimization. The world has become a global village connected by the internet. Whether your site is for informing people about your services, your ideas, or you are just sharing information, you need SEO. This is one way to get more leads, organic traffic, and conversion. A beautifully done, informative website will not meet its potential if you don’t optimize it.

How can Search Engine Optimization (SEO) help in my business?

Marketing is critical for every business. However, not all marketing strategies have the desired impact. SEO is a form of marketing that lets people know of your company, and the service you offer.

Instead of going out to look for customers, SEO drives potential customers to your site. Besides attracting more people to your website and increasing your conversion rate, SEO will save you the money you would have spent on numerous marketing campaigns.

Will blogging help SEO?

Yes, blogging is an integral part of SEO. Each new content you create is an opportunity to come up with a target keyword related to your business. The higher the content quality, the greater the possibility of driving organic traffic to your site.

Case study: How we helped an  International School increase their organic traffic by 52.51% in less than 2 months

In just a few weeks, our team at Visibiliti helped  International School, one of Singapore’s most established International Baccalaureate (IB) schools, surge organic traffic by 52.51% an impressive 2,028 unique users in two months. In other words, we achieved what would otherwise have cost over $8,000 on SEM just by SEO alone.



And if just 10% of these visitors enroll their children at the school, that means an additional 202 students!

Competition was heating up with more and more IB schools mushrooming in the past few years – yet interest was also higher than ever, with as many as 390 searches for IB /private education-related keywords in a month.

However, with 75% of people not scrolling past Page One, they were getting lost on the information highway. They knew they couldn’t afford to rank on Page Two or Three… not to mention Five, which was where they were, if they wanted to retain brand leadership.

We knew improving the site’s visibility across this range of keywords would be vital if they wanted to capture their share of valuable traffic.

How did we do it?  

Here’s exactly how we helped them achieve success quickly:

1. Analyse analyse analyse 

The trick to coming up with a solid strategy – SEO or otherwise – is knowing what’s working, what’s not, and the gaps between the desired and current reality. Only then, can we power the school’s site into a high-profile one capitalising on the top industry keywords.

While Prestigious International School already had a natural backlink profile and some social media signals, their site lacked topical authority (“depth of expertise”). This meant that their core product, IB education, was not only not getting the notice it deserved – it was also not ranking well for those keywords that provided the most valuable traffic, quality and quantity wise.

This was correlated by the average amount of impressions Prestigious International School had received over the past 6 months.

(6 months before SEO optimisation. Data from Google Search Console)

2. Restructure for results

Next, in order to reap much-needed performance gains, we needed to

Focus on competitiveness and user behaviour

To improve search results and ensure Prestigious International School wasn’t losing valuable traffic to competitors, we leveraged the low-hanging fruit: previously under-utilised TOFU search terms for competitiveness, as well our understanding of users’ search behaviour.

To help Prestigious International School maximise their budget, we focused solely on keywords that reflect visitors’ search and purchase intent – and hence they are easier to convert since you’re giving them the answers to what they’re looking for.

We then mapped the relevant pages to these keywords and optimised them even further.

  1. II) Create a dedicated IB category page

To facilitate visitors’ fact-finding journey and decision-making process, we created a dedicated IB category page to:

  • Consolidate all the IB programmes from early years to the diploma programme
  • Act as a one-stop page that gives the visitor all the information he/she needs at a glance

We also included the school’s unique selling points at the bottom of this page followed by a call to action. At this stage of the funnel, we felt that parents may need the added push in order to enrol their children in the school.

And in case the visitor needed to take a step back again to compare or review the programmes, we ensured they were all intuitively interlinked. Additionally, this boosted the site’s overall topical authority and relevance.

III) Optimise the entire site for mobile visitors

This may sound commonsensical, but with mobile’s market share dominating desktop by almost 60%, it was a much-needed speed boost.

The result? An improvement in the user experience by shortening and improving the quality of the decision-making process.

Not surprisingly, after 1.5 months, the site had steadily scaled the ranks. Impressions and clicks shot up too…

Not bad for a few weeks’ work, right?

Contact our team if you’d like Visibiliti to optimise your site for performance too!

The numbers

The average cost per click (CPC) in Google Adwords is between $2.50 to $3.50 per click for private preschools, while the CPC is around $3.00 to $5.00 at the tertiary level, so let’s assume an average of $4.00 per click. To get the same number of visitors via SEM, Prestigious International School would have had to invest $8,112 ($4.00 x 2,028 visitors). Assuming an SEO budget of $1,300 per month, it would have saved $6,162 [$8,112 – ($1,300 x 1.5)].



Facebook is inarguably the biggest social media platform on the planet. With over 1 billion active users from basically every part of the world, it is no doubt the ideal marketing platform for businesses. Brands, marketers, and business owners who are leveraging it are getting jaw-dropping results. The obvious reason for this is that their customers and potential customers spend a sizable chunk of their time on Facebook. So, if you are a business owner or a marketer and you aren’t on Facebook, you are missing out.

With the right Facebook marketing strategy, you will be able to convert existing customers into loyal brand ambassadors, attract new customers, and communicate your brand personality, values, and core message.

Target Potential Customers

Facebook Ads has a brilliant feature that allows you to target the people you want to market to, based on factors like age, interests, gender, and more.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Facebook marketing, when done properly can make your blog content go viral, which will in-turn increase the exposure of your business.

Quantifiable Results

One of the main reasons why a lot of small and medium-sized business owner write off Facebook marketing is that they aren’t sure of what to expect, and sometimes assume that ROI of Facebook marketing is meager.  Well, that is far from the truth because Facebook has analytic tools and systems that allow you to measure the results of your advertising campaign in real-time. This means that you can track how many conversions you are getting and the overall performance of your ads at the touch of a button.

Boost Your SEO Rankings

Facebook marketing can increase your site’s ranking on popular search engines like Google. Engagement statistics like comment, shares, and likes will go a long way in helping your site rank better.

Granted, Facebook is an excellent platform to generate revenue and increase your outreach. But, if you want to get the most out of the platform, your ads need to be attention-grabbing yet unique. Even more, you need a flexible marketing strategy that allows you to keep up with the ever-changing Facebook algorithm.

To thrive in the Facebook landscape, you need a churn out engaging content daily, keep abreast with everything that is going on in your industry, closely monitor your ads and landing campaigns, and respond to customers inquiries promptly.

Our approach

Understanding the core message and goals

When you partner with us, the first thing we do before putting together any marketing campaign is to learn as much as we can about your brand. We make it our business to dig deep to get a clear picture of your marketing goals and business model. We use the intricate information we gleaned to strategize and conceptualize an effective Facebook marketing campaign for your business.

Target potential customers

While Facebook marketing gives us the freedom to reach out to any community, we focus our efforts on attracting the right people (potential buyers) to your landing page and website. We do this by conducting extensive audience research before starting your campaign.

We strategize

To ensure that our clients get the best results, we do everything from planning and strategizing, to learning about digital trends that will help narrow down the right audience and target them with the right ads. We are ready to do whatever it takes to optimize your campaign and make it run smoothly.

We analyze everything

Unlike other agencies that track only conversions, we pay close attention to basically everything that has to do with your campaign. This helps us ensure that your campaign is running smoothly and that your funds are been allocated to the right areas.

Facebook Campaign                                                        

Insert price

  • Campaign Setup
  • Brand Awareness
  • FB contest
  • Surveys, polls, and Giveaways
  • Maximum Return on investment (ROI)
  • Increase sales

Facebook maintenance

Insert price

  • Brand awareness
  • Reputation management
  • Comment monitoring
  • Content calendar
  • Content research
  • Ten posts monthly
  • No setup fees

Facebook advertising

Insert price

  • Local awareness campaigns
  • Conversion analytics
  • Customized lead generation ads
  • Brand awareness and outreach
  • Contact list campaign
  • Targeted audience campaigns
  • Lead generation ads

At agency name, we are committed to providing exceptional Facebook marketing service to our customers. We are not like the many mediocre agencies that over promise and under deliver. We utilize the proven techniques and the latest social media tools to create engaging content and marketing campaigns, all of which will give you a competitive edge over your competitors. Contact us today and let us develop a brilliant digital marketing strategy that will take your business to the next level.

A lot of people in Singapore have the notion that spending money on search engine marketing campaigns is akin to gambling, as they can easily lose their money without getting any tangible results. Because of this, most people are sceptical about investing in PPC campaigns.

That said, you need to keep in mind that if you use the right tools and marketing strategies, you will easily multiply a 5 figures investment into a 6 or even 7 figure one for your business.

Pros of PPC in Singapore

Quick Results

With PPC, you can get your website to rank number 1 or 0 on search engines like Google in less than 24 hours, as long as your ads are in compliance with Google search terms and condition. If your site is at the top of Google search results, a lot of potential customers will find you.

The Right Audience

With the right PPC strategy, you will be able to target only people who are interested in your products and services. This will save you from spending your hard-earned dollars and marketing efforts on people that are uninterested in your services or products.


Whether a potential customer clicks on your ad or not, you win. If they click on it and make a purchase, you will make money. However, if they don’t click, you get free exposure.

A different model of charging

We are not like other agencies who are only interested in making money, sometimes at the expense of their customers. Our goal is to help you increase your revenue and grow your business. To do this, we adopted a performance-based model that intertwines our earning with your ROI. This means that we will make money only when you do.

Why Choose Us

Increased Revenue

Our Pay Per Click services have helped our clients increase conversion, get more out of their marketing campaign, and above all, generate leads and profits.

Scaling Your Business

Our team of experts is specialized in creating top-notch campaigns that will increase sales not just for a few days or weeks but for months and months to come.

Grooms you for growth

We possess the intricate skills and technical know-how to put together an evergreen campaign that will yield consistent results. We strongly believe that one of the keys to business growth and expansion is predictable sales. That is why we are ready to do whatever it takes to create top-notch campaigns that increase sales and revenue all year round. With our help, you can be confident of jaw-dropping results that will create a window for you to expand your business.


Our goal is to help you get the most out of your investment. To do this, we work hard to create profitable campaigns that will increase your revenue.

No Long Term Contract

Unlike other agencies, we don’t make our clients commit to a long-term contract. You can choose to stop anytime you like, no question asked. But most of our clients don’t want to stop because they are making huge profits and are growing exponentially.

Why you should add PPC services in your digital marketing budget

Do you need quick results without spending a small fortune? If yes, then you are going to love Google ads. You see, Google ads is a powerful tool that helps you reach your target audience and potential buyers quickly. PPC has never been more profitable and competitive.

Generate new leads

Lunching a top-notch campaign involves more than targeting your potential buyers and using powerful keywords. Accurately measuring the overall success of your campaign is also very important and should be taken seriously. We carefully analyze and measure the performance of your campaign throughout its lifespan.

Business name is one of the leading marketing agencies in Singapore and have assisted many small, medium-sized and large businesses in creating PPC campaigns that help generate sales.

We leverage the latest tools and techniques to carefully analyze your campaign. This helps us improve our services and help you get an advantage over your competition.

Expect the following when you partner with us for:

  • Increased traffic, sales, and leads.
  • Complete control over your budget
  • Quick results
  • 24/7 assistance with your campaign
  • Transparency

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important service that companies with an online presence need. Social media has become significant to marketing that some marketers have ended up ignoring SEO. However, several people turn to other sources, through search engines, to confirm information got on social media.

Unfortunately, many people assume that having a website is enough to start attracting traffic. However, it is important to remember, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies offering the same services as you. All these businesses probably have websites and some rank higher than you on search engines. Companies that appear on the first page of Google or other search engines are using an SEO agency.

Hiring a company that has specialized in SEO is vital for every company that is looking to improve its ranking on search engine optimization.

Result oriented and realistic

When looking for a company to help your business with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), it is crucial to pick one that is determined to deliver. Moving your company from page 30 to the first page on Google is not going to happen overnight. We’ll set realistic targets, and at the same time look at your goals. It is best to be surprised by the outcome if it happens ahead of schedule than to be given false hope. We have worked with various companies and can prove that we have what it takes to improve your site’s ranking.


SEO has been changing over the years. We keep analyzing the changes in algorithm made by search engines like Google to ensure we respond appropriately. We’ll discuss the steps we intend to take and how we’ll help your company rank well on search engines.

Customer testimony

Some companies have expertise in preparing SEO for businesses in a specific industry. Before discussing your company’s needs, it is critical for you to find out if the SEO consultant is conversant with what your business represents. For example, if your business sells software, it is vital for you to look for a company that has done SEO for a company that deals with similar products. The reason for doing this is that each sector of the economy is different. We’ve carried out SEO for businesses across various niches. We understand the demands on businesses and how to improve your rank.

Progressive portfolio

Good SEO will drive traffic to your website, while a poorly managed SEO will not yield the result desired. Search Engine Marketing is a continuous strategy that every company needs to use if it is to maintain its position on search engines. We’ll get your website to rank highly, but we’ll also keep working on your SEO to ensure you retain that position. Remember, all businesses are fighting for that position. Any slip up means you fall back to pages potential clients never visit.

When looking at the portfolio of the Agency, it is essential to look at the growth in the number of visits to the sites the company manages. We’ve had a positive growth over the years that we’ve managed SEO.


Since SEO is a long term marketing strategy, it is crucial to have a budget for it. We’ll discuss the cost and the best possible terms, especially if you have a startup that is tight on cash. Putting SEO on the back seat because you do not have a budget for it only slows down your growth. It is essential to work with a company that understands your situation. With the right approach, you will get a quick return on the investment you put on optimization.

We understand the responsibility bestowed upon us and the critical role we play in the visibility of your company online.  We take the changing faces of SEO seriously, and we’ll adapt them to your business model.

Rank the business based on the area of operation

Local and international companies compete for the same space on search engines. We understand the value of local SEO and why this is essential for companies whose target are the locals. We’ll use high performing keywords for your locality. This way, users seeking your services within your area of operations see your company among the first. Failure to rank your business using local SEO means you will be competing with companies internationally.

SEO for smartphones and tablets

91% of Singaporeans use smartphones to browse, while 71% use laptops or desktops. About 58% of searches on Google are on mobile devices, while 42% are from on desktops. According to Google, there are over 2.9billion more searches done on mobile devices than desktops. This means Google is more likely to tweak the algorithms such that mobile searches are a priority. Even when you place a search using a desktop, Google’s mobile-first index will pick the mobile version first before the desktop one.

We’ll optimize your site to ensure it loads quickly on mobile devices, it doesn’t hide content when users log into your website, has internal working links, and that the site loads across all devices. Failure to work on mobile SEO will lead to a fall in your rank on Google and other search engines.

Search engine marketing is a strategy that uses Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisement and search engine optimization (SEO). These ads eventually influence the rank on the display page of the search engine. Sites that receive many clicks tend to appear on the first page of search engines like Google. This is the only online marketing strategy that gives you full control over how you manage your marketing campaign. If done right, search engine marketing (SEM) is quite useful.

An excellent way of giving your business an online presence

The truth is that every business is campaigning to be on the first page of search engines. This is because users hardly ever go beyond the first page. Most potential clients assume companies that are on the first page of Google or any other search engine offer the best products and services. They also may not have the time to scroll through the pages.

If, for example, your business is on the third page, what are the chances someone searching for your services will skip all the companies ahead of you? Unless someone is specifically looking for you, chances are you will miss out plenty of business because you do not rank well. If you have a startup, SEM is a great way to improve your company’s visibility online quickly.

Quality traffic

You having the most beautiful website does not guarantee you will have quality traffic. We’ll ensure you have the content that your potential clients desire. However, they also need to find the content if they are to appreciate it. We’ll find the best keywords to use in your campaign. It is important to remember those other companies that offer the same services as you are probably bidding on the same keywords. However, this should not deter you from competing for a slot on the first page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

There are different tools we’ll use to identify the keywords or terms to use. Some search engines have keyword planners. These will locate popular keywords, and those that have great potential. With the right keywords and SEM experts, you will get to the first page of search engines in a very short time. You will then notice an increase in traffic and orders from potential clients.

Web users rely on search engines

When people go online, the first place they visit is a search engine. How often do you go to google whenever you are stuck or when seeking information? Google has about seven products. Each of these products has attracted over one billion users monthly. Bing has over 12 billion searches monthly, while Yahoo has 227.8 million monthly users.

If you are interested in widening your client base, especially if you are looking at the global market, SEM is a fantastic way of bringing the change you seek at a fast turn-around period. We’ll help you identify the right keywords and terms that potential clients use on search engines.

About 84% of Singaporeans use the internet to find companies selling specific products and services. When in need of information, many people automatically go to search engines. This is one of the reasons why SEM is productive in the B2B and B2C space.

Since the cost of marketing influences the strategy adopted, some business owners opt for Facebook PPC campaign over SEM because it is cheaper. However, clicks do not always translate into conversions. Potential clients who go to search engines, such as Google, do so because they are looking for something they need.

It would be best if you understood the difference between PPC campaigns on social media platforms and SEM. For channels, such as Facebook, consumers tend to stumble upon the services and goods they want. Even when potential buyers identify you on Facebook, they are more likely going to google you to confirm your authenticity. If your company is not ranked highly, you are likely to lose this consumer to your competitor.

You can make changes on running Ads instead of coming up with a new one

The way people search for the products or services keeps changing. A keyword you did not initially include in your campaign may become relevant, or a new term may be needed. Sites like Google give you the chance to rate the performance of your website after you started Search Engine Marketing. If there are new suggestions, we’ll add them to the existing ads.

Being able to make changes to the ad helps companies to determine if the campaign is working and find ways to make improvements without disrupting the current campaign. Not all the keywords chosen will work. Sometimes, your competitors beat you to the top spots based on how they use the keywords and phrases. However, we’ll make the necessary changes to give you the chance to outrank the competition.

SEM is critical for all online businesses. More than half of Singapore’s population shops online. For any business to catch the attention of the 4.1 million Singaporeans that shop online, search engine marketing services is paramount.

Limitations in outbound marketing

Outbound marketing methods like cold calling and sending mass SMS’s are not as effective in Singapore as inbound marketing. Singapore’s population is highly educated and tends to keep up with the current trends, including methods of marketing. Although placing adverts on mainstream media gets a response from a portion of the population, you are likely to get a bigger audience when you market your products and services online.

Inbound marketing encourages engagement with clients. Today’s consumers prefer being in control of every purchasing decision they make. They do not judge a product on face value, but on what they gain from it. This is why we focus on the quality of content available on the products and services on offer. We also give potential clients the option of choosing whether to take a step using a call-to-action on every landing page.

Quick return on investment

When you use traditional marketing strategies such as the use of flyers and advertising on television, it is difficult to immediately tell if this has had an impact on your sales. SEM and PPC campaigns tend to have a faster response. For example, you can know if it is working based on the progress your website makes on the search engines. Once you move to the first page of Google, you have a greater chance of connecting with potential clients.

Content management

When writing content for your website, some people assume they just have to write as much as they can. However, the material also needs to be meaningful to those seeking your products and services. We’ll audit the information on your site, analyze keyword quality and quantity, look at the page speed and determine if the links are beneficial to your marketing campaign. These details are crucial to the response you get from search engines especially when we start optimizing to increase quality traffic.

Management of business reputation

Although the internet has been beneficial, it has also come with some negative aspects. You have no control over what people say about your business online. Some people will have positive reviews, while others will give negative feedback. Unfortunately, failure to keep track of feedback on the different platforms may cost you some potential clients, especially those that wait to hear your side to no avail.

We’ll set up Google Alerts so that we can receive notifications when your company is mentioned on the web. Complaints can destroy a company. Responding quickly to issues will help you redeem your reputation. It is also easier to earn the trust of a disappointed client when you handle problems when they arise.

Real-time reporting

Our aim is not just to improve your ranking on search engines, we’d also like to see an increase in the quality traffic to your site. We’ll use data analysis tools to determine if the SEM strategy used is effective. If you are selling multiple products, we’ll analyze those getting a more significant response. Some products may need a different approach. We’ll explore the various possibilities to ensure you get positive feedback on all your products.

We’ll explain the figures, the conversion rates, and the changes required to get better feedback. We’ll test different call-to-action features on the landing page to determine the one that will bring in a higher return on investment.


In 2018, about 4.1 million Singaporeans were on Facebook. This number is anticipated to rise to 4.5million by 2023. On July 2, 2019, the United Nations released estimates showing that 5,867,618 live in Singapore. The number of Facebook users represent 69.7% of the population. A company that ignores potential clients on social media platforms, such as Facebook, is likely to grow at a much slower pace than one that sells its services to the Facebook audience.

Increased brand awareness

Small businesses and startups stand to benefit significantly in creating awareness about their product range and services. The cost of marketing is key for many organizations. However, when you look at the cost per Facebook advert against the outreach, the price is significantly low. We’ll use Facebook analytics to deduce the response the Ad has received based on the number of people that liked, shared, commented, or clicked the links on the advert.

Besides the increased awareness on social media, Facebook marketing helps to drive traffic to your company’s website. These Advertisements need to be precise and attract the interest of Facebook users. Those interested in what you are selling will click the link to your site, which will help with ranking on search engines like Google.

Target potential clients with Facebook Ads

When signing up on Facebook, users are required to note their date of birth. This has been an awesome way to remind friends and families of one another’s birthdays. However, this information has been quite beneficial for businesses that sell products and services to people of a specific age group, gender, occupation, marital status, and interests.

For example, a company selling anti-ageing creams is likely to get a better response from people above the age of 35 years than they would 18 year-olds. A financial institution providing mortgage facilities for people within a specific geographical location can narrow their Facebook advert to people registered in the locality in which it operates. Facebook Ads offer a higher probability of better returns on investment when compared to other marketing methods.

Generate qualified leads

When we manage your advertisements on Facebook, we are not just interested in looking at the number of people who are going to click on the Ad. We’d also monitor how many of these clicks generate sales. Landing pages are an important component of Facebook Ads. Overlooking the addition of a landing page on the Facebook Ad is a mistake many businesses make. It is crucial to have a landing page optimized for lead generation before linking it to a Facebook Ad.

One way to generate qualified leads that will lead to sales is with the use of contests. Consumers like participating in competitions. You are likely to attract many people with an appealing Ad. When creating the Ad, we’ll target people who are most likely to click it. If you are going to run a contest, it is vital to have the Ad running for a few weeks, but not too long that people will get tired of participating in the competition. The period should also not be too short that many people will be left out.

Opportunity to widen the scope of your business

Over 1.6billion Facebook users are linked to small businesses worldwide. Users spend about an hour every day on Facebook. This platform is excellent for companies that are hoping to expand their client base. For example, if you would like to attract online shoppers in addition to walk-in clients, Facebook is a great place to start.

Social media has been of great help to companies that served people from a particular locality. Today, geographical boundaries have not held back companies that aim to become global entities. Each week, approximately 26% of Singaporeans shop online, while 58% are monthly shoppers.

Besides opening additional selling options for business, Facebook Ads will help your businesses to gain other streams of income through the introduction of delivery services.

Facebook business marketing is a resource we use to attract clients who may not be aware of the products and services offered. Fortunately, you have control of how much you would like to spend, how often you would like the Ads to run, and whom they should target.

Knowing how to structure the Ads is essential. Not all Facebook Ads receive the same attention. Before designing your Ad, we’ll find out what causes users to click on Ads and what makes them scroll past Ads without trying to find out more about it. Like every marketing strategies, we’ll be as creative as possible for you to get returns on your investment.

Facebook gives a human face to your brand

Clients sometimes feel they are dealing with faceless organizations out to get their money. Even when they like the product or service, the process sometimes feels robotic.  Facebook allows businesses to interact with their clients. The business page of your business becomes its identity on Facebook.

It is a great place to thank your loyal customers, introduce new products, and ask for feedback on your products and services. Companies with great rapport with their existing clients tend to attract more consumers. With the right interaction on Facebook, we’ll draw the attention of people interested in companies with a human face.

We’ll customize your business page to give your business the character and personality we feel best represents your business.  We’ll analyze the likes on posts, and those most shared to find out the kind of posts your clients like. This way, you can focus on portraying your business through the eyes of your clients. We often put themselves in the shoes of clients when coming up with campaigns. Facebook can serve as an eye opener to what clients want and the kind of advertising that attracts a response.

Promoted posts

Besides Facebook Ads, another great way of promoting your business is through the use of posts. Facebook charges a flat rate for individual posts targeting a specific number of users. Considering the incredible amount of Facebook users, it is easy for one to miss out on some of the posts. When you opt to pay a fee for post promotion, you increase the probability that those that have liked your page and their friends to see the post.


Multiple marketing options

Although some potential clients will immediately become paying clients, others take note of your services in the hope of engaging you in the future. Unfortunately, the information online is so massive that it is easy for one to forget to contact you. Those that clicked the post may experience difficulty tracing it, even if they just saw it the day before.

To ensure you keep track of Facebook users who clicked the link to your website, we’ll install a Facebook pixel on your site. Facebook pixels will help you look at the engagement with your clients and monitor actions taken by people who visit your site. This way, you can take the appropriate action based on the response of those who clicked the link. For example, the ad message for clients who have signed up for a newsletter should be different from that of those that chose not to sign up.

It is easier to come up with a marketing strategy with Facebook Advertising. Are you trying to create awareness, cause people to consider your services, or looking to convert those who see the advert to paying clients? The objective of the advert will help determine how you go about it. For example, we can use videos to create awareness of your products, or an Ad marketing your products at a discounted rate for sales generation.

Retain contact with loyal customers

Unfortunately, many businesses assume that once consumers use their services or buy their products, they will automatically return for more. It is essential to remember that many other companies providing the same service and products are working hard to lure your clients. Facebook marketing is a great avenue for you to remain in touch with your existing clientele. With retargeting campaigns, we’ll focus on people who have visited your website, your customer file, Facebook engagement, and app activity.

Custom Audiences

Sending emails to potential clients can sometimes be overwhelming to recipients, especially if they receive dozens of such emails from different marketers. By matching the people on your email list with their Facebook profiles, instead of just sending them emails, we’ll also use Facebook Ads.

Facebook can also be used to target audiences based on the type of engagement in which they are mostly involved. For example, people who watch videos for an acceptable period are great for video engagement. Likewise, customers who previously responded to Lead Ads can be retargeted with the same, while clients who engaged on your page are an excellent choice for post promotions. This marketing strategy allows businesses to create different marketing strategies for different groups based on their interests and level of engagement.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a marketing strategy where businesses or individuals use search engine advertising to increase traffic to their websites. Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or if you are in the marketing department, it is vital that you to consider pay-per-click services to drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

When we organize your PPC campaign, we’ll ensure it is well designed and that it is running smoothly. When a potential client clicks the link on the search engine, it directs him to the landing page on your site.

Some business owners have argued that pay-per-click does not guarantee the conversion of a potential client to a paying one. However, if your website has the right information, and the landing page has a precise message to those who click the link, chances are they seek your services or buy the products offered.

Consumer searches influence the campaign

It is critical for every business to market products and services to the right audience. We’ll use search engines and social media to create campaigns that target the right audience. For example, a company selling soft drinks is likely to attract a better response from the youth than older people who are concerned about their sugar intake.

The Pay-Per-Click Ads on search engines will pop up based on the interest of the user. Some of the Ads may be in direct response to the information requested by the user, or it could also be closely related to the topic. For example, if one is in Singapore or is planning to visit when he uses Google to find a “facility for relaxation”, if you have a Spa, with the right keywords and marketing campaign, Google will pick up your campaign and rank it on the first page. This increases the possibility of someone clicking the link because many people do not go beyond the first page on search engines.

Find the right keywords

Search engines classify Ads based on the keywords used. Those seeking your services and products use specific words and phrases on search engines. For example, Singapore has a rapidly ageing population which has driven the demand for health care. If you offer home care services and are considering investing in PPC campaigns, we’ll look at health-related keywords to use in the campaign.

Although it is wise to use keywords that are relevant to your niche, it is important to identify those that will result in more sales. Otherwise, you may pay for a campaign that will not yield the results you seek. We’ll look at all the possible keywords and determine those to use so that your PPC campaign works as expected.

Analyze the traffic to your website

Since you pay for every click to your website, it is easy for you to use analytics to find out how many people visited your website through the PPC campaign. You will also know the average time spent on the site, and the conversion rate.

Even though PPC is a marketing strategy, it can be an indicator of the changes you need to make on your website. People go to search engines seeking answers to the questions they have. If the visits to your site drop after a few seconds, yet you have used the right keywords and are targeting the right consumers, we’ll evaluate the content on your landing page and website.

For PPC to be productive, we’ve to ensure the person who clicks it gets what he seeks. If you do not provide the information he needs, he will likely go to your competitor. People seeking a product expect to find out everything about it on your landing page without necessarily getting in touch with you for answers. If, for instance, there is no listing of the price or benefits of the product, you are likely to lose clients who do not have the time to send an email asking for more information.

PPC is a useful online marketing tool. The cost, when compared to the returns, especially if most of the clients who click the link become paying clients, is insignificant.

When you choose this campaign, we’ll look at all the options to ensure the returns on investment are viable. We’ll design the campaign in a way that will be beneficial for search engines and your business.  Search engines rank campaigns based on quality. A PPC campaign that has more clicks and conversion rates rank higher than those that do not get the expected response.

Get a dedicated Account Manager

The Pay-per-click marketing campaign is a full-time responsibility that is best carried out by a dedicated manager. We’ve PPC consultants and a team of specialists who will keep track of your campaign to ensure you achieve your objectives. Since this campaign offers both short and long term marketing solutions, we’ll closely monitor the keywords used, analyze the performance, and make necessary changes to yield better results.

In addition to keyword research, we will ensure you are targeting the right audience geographically, optimize the landing page, and track conversion rate. You will also receive monthly reports on account review to help you analyze the sales and profits from the campaign.

Prepare a landing page for each PPC campaign

Many businesses that take part in PPC campaigns assume all they need to do is link the Ad to the home page of the site or a web store. The assumption is that the company will save money while generating sales. However, sometimes the information on the site may be too substantial that it will put off one who does not have the time to go through all that information.

The landing page is designed to capture the attention of the user.  We’ll use images, appropriate colours, calls-to-action, and a lead generation form to increase conversion. Having a landing page for each campaign will help to determine the campaign with the highest response rate, the ideal keywords, and the call-to-action options that increase conversions.

Be consistent with the campaign

PPC campaigns have short and long term gains. We’ll categorize the campaign based on people who already know your products and those who are most likely to purchase. We’ll then identify keywords most ideal for each target group. The cost of the keyword depends on its effectiveness and probability of generating sales. To increase the possibility of a higher conversion, we will optimize your website.

It is important to note that a new site may not see profits in the short term. This is why you need a dedicated campaign manager. We’ll be consistent and aggressive in our bid to come up with reliable data that can be used to optimize the account.