The Situation

ERP specialist MSC Consulting was keen to venture into digital marketing. It had experimented with Google advertising previously, but was uncertain if it would actually work in its B2B context.

As a result, it relied heavily on telemarketing, which incurred high overheads and yet did not produce consistent results.

The Solution

We crafted a digital marketing campaign for MSC Consulting using our i3 Framework. We implemented SEM and SEO, tracking online and phone inquiries fully with an ROI driver solution to ensure measurability.

The campaign also included an analysis of their competitors' SEM strategies and buyer keywords. We split-tested more keywords, selecting those that generated qualified inquiries and were able maximise their overall budget potential.


  1. $2 million in the sales pipeline generated within the first 90 days
  2. Telemarketer headcount reduced
  3. Consistent flow of qualified leads

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