Success Story - Babilou Family


Babilou Family is a subsidiary of Babilou Family Group, a France-incorporated early childhood organisation with a network of more than 1,000 nurseries worldwide. They engaged us for a recruitment campaign as posting hiring ads on Public Job Postings is expensive and doesn’t guarantee the lead quality.

Multi-Channel Marketing to achieved
more than 120 qualified leads monthly!

Implementation of strategies

1. Conversion tracking

Tracking codes were added to their website to ensure the accuracy of lead tracking for optimal optimisation of the campaigns to bring in more leads at the lowest cost.

2. Facebook Marketing

Developed various ads and objectives and conducted A/B testing to find the best ad creatives and angles. Besides generic interest targeting, we also tested lookalike audiences.

3. Google Search Engine Marketing

Increased their visibility and reach out to more potential candidates with programme-based Google keywords.

4. Tiktok Marketing

Brainstormed and filmed TikTok videos that were trendy and interesting to expand our reach, engagement, and drive brand awareness.

Successful Results:

After consistently running A/B tests, we found the perfect combination of creatives and targeting options to improve the campaign performance and scale up spending to achieve almost 150 overall leads per month, over 120 of which were qualified!


On Tiktok, We adapted a popular dance trend “Clap Snap” to promote the culture and creative learning environment at Babilou Family Singapore. Our proposed TikTok style video generated massive awareness for their virtual career interview and it was a success. We were able to achieve a low Cost Per Thousand impressions (CPM) of $2.41 and a low Cost Per Lead of $40 as the trend resonated with our target audience and our end goal to sign up for the virtual career interview was clear and concise.


Through a real-time reporting dashboard with fully transparent performance insights of the different channels, we also provided them with detailed insights on how their campaigns were performing.

It allowed them to zoom in on each advertisement and keyword in their campaign for the first time.

They were delighted as it gave them more insights to optimise their marketing budget for different channels.

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