Ready to take your brand's presence on TikTok to the next level?

At Visibiliti, we specialize in crafting engaging and impactful TikTok campaigns that capture attention, spark conversations, and drive results.

At Visibiliti, we specialize in crafting engaging and impactful TikTok campaigns
that capture attention, spark conversations, and drive results.

Our Award-Winning Expertise

We're proud to announce that our dedication and creativity have been recognized by
the First-ever TikTok Inaugural Advertisement Awards 2024:



Our team's knack for delivering outstanding performance campaigns speaks volumes.

We know how to make every second count, maximizing engagement and conversions to propel your brand forward.



Making an impact on a local level is where we shine brightest.

Our gold-winning local hero campaign not only resonated with audiences but also left a lasting impression, showcasing your brand as a community champion.



This award recognizes the top three media agencies contributing to client success through winning submissions at the TikTok Ad Awards 2024.

Our commitment to innovation, excellence, and client satisfaction has earned us the title of Media Agency of the Year, a testament to our unwavering dedication.

We kept messaging simple.

We wanted to show the use case of our client's adhoc job application.

But we went big with creative ideas and localised humor that sets our content apart, we were able to keep viewers engaged while subtly promoting the USPs of our client's application and its usage.

We achieved $0.38 per app install.

*Average CPIs for professional services is at $2.70.

Our client was supportive of our video ideas, and gave us plenty of free play in terms of ideation to continue creating such content.

With a new found emphasis on the use of local talents instead of stock videos, we kept our content organic, relevant and authentic to viewers.

Our creativity and performance driven strategies, secured our client not just one but two awards across different categories.

Our Work Speaks Volumes

From established brands to up-and-coming startups, our innovative TikTok campaigns have left a lasting impact:

BearyFun Gym

BearyFun Gym offers a unique gymnastic experience tailored to children.

Their challenge?

Standing out in a crowded market and captivating a younger audience through TikTok while staying true to their brand's values of fun, inclusivity, and fitness.

Our solution

We took a deep dive into TikTok trends and identified key opportunities to marry popular challenges and concepts with BearyFun Gym's unique selling points.

By blending trends with snippets of their kids-friendly workouts and behind-the-scenes peeks at their vibrant gym atmosphere, we created content that was not only entertaining but also aligned perfectly with BearyFun Gym's brand identity.

Babilou Family Group Singapore

Babilou Family Singapore is renowned for its holistic approach to childcare, providing nurturing environments that foster learning and development in young children.

Their challenge?

To communicate this message effectively on TikTok, a platform known for its fast-paced, visually engaging content.

Our solution

Through careful curation of the video content and message, we were able to create this viral video that garnered impressive results organically and the brand gained 1,661 new followers through this video.

We also repurposed the TikTok digital marketing videos for Facebook ads and it improved the cost per lead by 37%!

Yakson Beauty

As Korea's premier non-invasive aesthetic brand since 1979, Yakson has been leading the industry with its innovative approach.

Since expanding to Singapore in 2016, Yakson has been focused on expanding its presence in the local market.

Their challenge?

Creating short-form content that resonated with their target demographic and effectively communicated their brand message.

Our solution

Drawing on our expertise in TikTok marketing and video content creation, we devised a tailored strategy to showcase Yakson Beauty’s unique offerings and capture the attention of potential customers

We repurposed the TikTok videos for cross advertising and it reduced our client’s cost per acquisition by 39.4%!

You have tried Facebook and Google… why not TikTok?

While TikTok was largely popular with the Gen Z crowd initially, it is now a worldwide phenomenon enjoyed by adults, celebrities, and brands alike.

TikTok for Business is a great way to get your brand discovered by new prospects. Users on TikTok are highly engaged, love sharing content, and open up TikTok multiple times a day. Businesses can show off their creative side, company culture, add humor to their posts, and find music that resonates with their target audience.

Unlike social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube, TikTok accounts with zero followers can get millions of views on a new video thanks to the viral nature of the algorithm. As long as the content appeals to the audience, engagement will follow. TikTok provides marketers with a level playing field when it comes to reach and engagement and brands can boost their credibility by being at the forefront of these cutting-edge trends.


of TikTok users say they find new products from ads on TikTok*


of users discovered a product or brand they didn’t know about before on TikTok**


of users say they bought something they saw on TikTok**

*Source: Nielsen Custom Authenticity Study commissioned by TikTok, Persons 18+, 5/1/2020 - 6/19/2020

**TikTok Marketing Science US, Holiday Shopping Behavior Custom Research, conducted by Walnut Unlimited, October 2020

Whatever your goal, TikTok’s got you covered


Build a community
and drive brand awareness

Use TikTok to let your audience discover your brand’s story and engage your programmes/products/services. Nurture your community to be your brand advocates.


Turn prospects
into leads with Leads Ads

Identify and educate potential customers about your product/service by sharing an ebook/guide, or generating registrations for product launches, promos or open houses.


Find new customers
and increase sales

Reach your most engaged audience and share unique product features, customer reviews, coupons and offers to boost your sales online or offline.


Retarget and sell
to existing customers

Use custom audiences, to target your existing customers and showcase new products they might be interested in. Or create lookalike audiences to find more audiences that are similar to your audiences.

Is my business
suitable for TikTok?

Many businesses have found success marketing on TikTok. TikTok has a vast range of topics that are being discussed and covered on its platform.

At VISIBILITI, we will do a deep dive into your industry and find out your needs before we propose a customised content strategy.

  1. What is your business objective?
  2. What differentiates you from your competitors?
  3. Who do you hope to reach on TikTok?

Whether you plan to reach a new audience, promote awareness for a new product/service, or develop stronger customer relationships through engagement, it is important to have goals in mind that can be tied to your business objectives.

Based on your objectives, we will propose a customised content strategy via 5 content pillars – engagement, educational, community, entertainment and promotional.

A comprehensive always-on strategy, combining organic content, paid campaigns and creator partnerships, is a great way for brands to grow and connect with the TikTok community while driving business results.

Always keep in mind that TikTok's marketing strategy is different from other platforms. You must be creative, have fun, ride on the trends and go with the flow!

lead form image

Grow your bottom line with TikTok Lead Generation

  • Identify and qualify potential customers for your product or service
  • Gain valuable insights and information from your target audience via surveys, questionnaires, or feedback forms
  • Generate sign-ups and downloads for launches, events, and digital products

Through instant forms, you can increase conversion, tailor your message and get immediate engagement. You can now seamlessly convert prospects into leads with TikTok Lead Generation.

Boost your E-commerce Sales with TikTok ads

Whether you are selling fashion, beauty, food, electronics, real estate or even baby products - there's an audience for you on TikTok.

  • Help shoppers discover and shop from your business
  • Increase product awareness
  • Generate community engagement

3 reasons why you should start TikTok now

TikTok is here to stay. As of January 2022, TikTok had 1 billion Monthly Active users worldwide and it is unquestionably very addictive.

Other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have all started as very 'young' platforms, with little-viewed value for businesses. However, these social platforms now serve millions of businesses and are filled with multiple generations and are used as a marketing tool.

The same is to be expected with TikTok, as it's already happening and increasing every second.


Not yet saturated with advertisers, low business competition


Has the scale of other platforms like Instagram


Reach a large number of people at a relatively low cost

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TikTok for Business is a great way to get your brand discovered by new prospects. Businesses can showcase creativity, highlight company culture, infuse humour, and identify music that resonates with their target audience, fostering engagement and brand discovery.


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